ITM 309 Summer 2014 Syllabus

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ITM 309 Business Information Systems
Michigan State University
Summer 2014 (Session 101)
Instructor Information:
Name: Yen-Yao Wang
Office: N204 North Business Complex
Office Hours: Monday: 11:00-12:00
Wednesday: 11:00-12:00
By appointment
Office Phone: (517) 355-6606
Required Textbook:

1) Business Driven Information Systems and Technology, 4rd Edition, 2014 Copyright; MSU Custom Green Textbook - (Required) Available on reserve at the Gast Business Library and for sale at all bookstores 2) Course Content in Angel:

Class Times and Location:
Duration: 5/12/2014 – 6/25/2014
Lectures: M W 9:10 – 11:00 N021 North Business Complex F 9:10 – 11:00 N12 North Business Complex

Statement on Academic Integrity and Honor Code:

It is assumed that all work done for credit will be the result of the individual’s or authorized group’s unaided effort. Anyone who either gives or receives unauthorized assistance in the preparation of work at home or during exams in class will be subject to disciplinary action under the provisions and policies set forth by Michigan State University. Your signature on any piece of submitted work will provide assurance that you have neither given nor received any unauthorized help in its preparation.

Honor Code:

A committee representing undergraduates has authored our Broad School Honor Code. This Honor Code will serve as our ethical guideline for ITM 309. Any evidence of violation of the Honor Code will be reported and will show up on your MSU student record. The full text for the Undergraduate Student Honor Code can be found at the following URL:

Course Overview:

In virtually every industry and every firm, Information Technology (IT) is driving change, creating opportunities, and suppporting complex enterprises. Leaders who fail to understand the opertaional and strategic importance of Information Systems (IS) will not be able to keep up with the pace of their competitors. IS have moved beyond the automation of back office functions into the foreground of businss strategy, and play critical roles in competitve positioning and business process design.

When all companies have access to essentially the same IT resources (telecommunications, hardware, and software), the difference in competitive and economic benefits that firms gain from IT often rests on the ability of management to use it innovatively. Understanding the various aspects of modern IT and how IT can be used is crucial for students with business majors today.

Course Objectives:

This course provides a broad coverage of technology concepts and trends underlying current and future development in IT, and fundamental principles for the effective use of business information systems. Besides learning how information technology can help create exciting new products, services, and markets, emphasis will be placed on the managerial and business aspects of selecting, implementing, and using IT to achieve organizational goals and competitive advantage.

Trends that are in vogue, such as electronic commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, big data analystics, supply chain management systems, customer relationship management systems, and social media will be discussed. The overarching intention is to enable students to become skilled at evaluating the sum total of costs and benefits of introducing new IT in an organization.

Learning Outcomes:

This goal of this course is to provide students with an introduction to IT-enabled approaches to information management in business contexts. Upon completion of this course, students shall be able to: 1. Model business processes and stimulate financial and operational effects of a technological change on a company’s business process. 2. Organize and analyze data for...
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