BADM310 Spring 2015 Syllabus 1

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BADM 310: Management and Organizational Behavior
Spring 2015
Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 – 10:50 AM, Lincoln Hall Theatre Professors:
Drs. Denise Lewin Loyd (61 Wohlers) & Raveh Harush (432 Wohlers) Office Hours:
Thurs 11:00AM-12:00 PM or by appointment
Teaching Assistants & TA Office Hours: See Compass site
Course Email:
This course introduces a broad range of topics in management and organizational behavior. Some topics we cover are motivation, leadership, teams, organizational culture, organizational structure, strategy, and business ethics. The course is appropriate for business and non-business majors. The course objectives are:

♦ To provide a basic understanding of core management tasks such as planning, controlling, leading and organizing, and to develop a similar understanding of organizational behavior at the individual, group and organizational levels.

♦ To develop a working vocabulary regarding these subjects and to become familiar with theories and concepts regarding them.
♦ To understand the application of course concepts to real world management and organizational behavior problems.
The learning outcomes of this course are as follows:

You’ll understand management and organizational behavior terminology and of the foundational concepts of thereof.
You’ll learn to diagnose and solve management problems, including but not limited to change management, leadership, and motivation.
You’ll gain knowledge of ethical issues often associated with organizational situations. You’ll gain knowledge of global & cultural differences in management and organizational behavior processes.


1. Required Textbook: Jones & George, Contemporary Management 8e with “Connect” access, University of Illinois BADM310 Edition, McGraw Hill. ISBN 9781259167645. Available at local bookstores.
2. Required Access to McGraw-Hill “Connect” software. This is bundled with new textbooks but can be purchased separately (if you have other access to a textbook). The internet site gives you the opportunity to purchase it directly from McGraw-Hill (this was about $60 in 2014) the first time you click on a Connect assignment. Details will be announced in the first class and on the course Compass site. 3. Required iClicker. Available at TIS and the U of I bookstore. Either the original iClicker or the iClicker 2 will work for this class.

NOTE: CLICKER REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by Feb 4, 2015. In order to credit you with points for clicker participation, we have to know your clicker’s #. Register by clicking the appropriate icon on the main page of the course Compass site. You must register your clicker on our Compass site even if you also registered it elsewhere. 4. Required Harvard Business School Change Management Simulation. Purchasing and registration instructions will be posted on Compass in mid-semester. Cost = approx. $12. 5. Lecture notes can be downloaded from Compass site. They will be available before lecture in time for printing if you wish.

The planned schedule will be posted on Compass. Changes may be made to reflect the needs of the class. Any changes will be announced in class and/or on the course web site (Compass). It is the students’ responsibility to stay aware of any changes made. Key dates: ♦ Exam 1: Tues Feb 17, in class

♦ Exam 2: Thur Mar 19, in class
♦ Exam 3: Tues May 5, in class
♦ For this BADM 310 class, the activities (other than exams) are organized by weeks. In a typical week we will cover two chapters in class, and students will complete different types of (typically online) homework related to the chapters. This can be done before or shortly after class. ♦ Each week readings will be assigned from the text. Read each chapter and use the LearnSmart exercises to learn the material well. Then, do the interactive exercises for the chapter to gain additional...
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