It273 Unit 3

Topics: Computer network, Routing, Network switch Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: August 15, 2011
IT273-01 Networking Concepts

Part 1
a. Static Routing
b. False
c. True
d. Firmware
e. False

Part II

Hardware| Function| Installation/Maintenance|
Hubs| A hub is a device that takes incoming data and broadcasts it out to all the other devices that are connected to its ports.| Installing a hub is very simple. Basically all you have to do is plug and play. Remember not to plug any cable into the uplink port of the hub because that is used to connect hubs together. Because all a hub does is rebroadcast data, not much configuration is needed.| Switches| A switch is like an intelligent hub. A switch can create a record of all the hardware on a network and send data more efficiently. It operates higher up the OSI model than a hub. | In most cases the installation of a switch is fairly easy. Plug the switch in and allow it to boot up. Make sure that any device that you connect to the switch is turned off. When all the devices are connected, turn them on and in most cases they will be connected to the network. Sometimes special configuration will be needed, but in most simple installations the switch will work right away. Remember to not connect a device other than another connectivity device to the uplink port on the switch.| Routers| A router can connect different types of networks together regardless of certain protocols. Routers operate higher on the OSI model than most switches because they can deal with more complex network traffic.| Because the router is a more advanced device, there are many more options that can be configured on a router. There are many instances where little configuration is needed, but in more advanced installations proper training in routing protocols is needed. On a connection level, routers are very similar to switches when it comes to installation. | Bridges| Bridges operate on the same level of the OSI model as switches, and are basically a simple version of a switch. Each bridge has...

Cited: Dean, T. (2010). Network+ Guide to Networks. Boston: Course Technology.
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