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Basic Switch and Router Configuration

Basic Router Configuration Two-Minute Drill

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Chapter 5: Basic Switch and Router Configuration

his chapter presents the basics of configuring the 1900 and 2950 Catalyst switches as well as Cisco routers. As you continue throughout this book, you will build upon these fundamental and important concepts for accessing, configuring, and managing your Cisco devices. I am making the assumption that you have never configured a Cisco device before and therefore will begin with the very basics by explaining the operating system that these devices use, the advantages that Cisco’s operating system provides, and how to use some basic operating system commands to configure your Cisco device.



IOS Introduction
One of the main reasons that Cisco is number one in the enterprise networking market place is their Internetwork Operating System (IOS). The IOS provides a similar function to Microsoft Windows XP or Linux: it controls and manages the hardware it is running on. Basically, the IOS provides the interface between you and the hardware, enabling you to execute commands to configure and manage your Cisco device. Originally, the IOS was developed for Cisco routers, but over the last few years, Cisco has been porting the IOS to its other platforms, including the Catalyst switches. Cisco has spent many years tweaking and tuning the IOS, as well as adding features as new technologies are introduced to the marketplace. Advantages of the IOS include: ■ Features

The IOS includes a wide array of features for protocols and functions that provide connectivity, scalability, reliability, and security solutions for networks of any size. The IOS supports a variety of data link layer technologies for the LAN and WAN environments, including copper and fiber wiring as well as wireless. The IOS supports both fixed and modular chassis platforms, enabling you to purchase the appropriate hardware for your needs, yet still allowing you to leverage the same IOS CLI to reduce your management costs. To ensure that your critical resources are always reachable, Cisco has developed many products and IOS features to provide network redundancy. With the IOS, you can strictly control access to your network and networking devices in accordance with your internal security policies.

■ Connectivity

■ Scalability

■ Reliability ■ Security

IOS Introduction


Because of the success of their IOS software, Cisco has grown from a garage-based router company to one of the largest companies in the IOS stands for Internetwork world in a little over a decade. Most enterprise Operating System. Its advantages include networks, as well as ISPs, use Cisco products in features, connectivity, scalability, one form or another. Actually, a large portion reliability, and security. of the Internet backbone is composed of Cisco products. With the IOS coupled with a first-class service and support team, few companies can compare to Cisco when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Device Startup
There are actually many ways of accessing a Cisco device, including the following: console, auxiliary (only certain Cisco routers), telnet, web browser, and an SNMP management station. A console interface provides serial connection access to a router— with console access, you can enter commands in a text-based mode. In order to access your Cisco device from a remote station, however, you first need to create a basic configuration, including IP addressing. Therefore, to perform your initial configurations, you need access to the console port of your Cisco device. Before you can actually begin configuring your Cisco device, you first have to connect it to your network and set up a terminal connection to its console interface, as...
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