Router and Switch Configuration

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Router and Switch ConfigurationIT242October 5, 2014Router and Switch ConfigurationIn this paper I will discuss how to configure a router and a switch. I will discuss how to install the router and switch as well as the set up and configuration of the devices. I will start by explaining how to set up a switch then explain the router. In the setup of the switch we will be using cisco. First I will click on the switch icon and a command prompt will display. In this command prompt you will type enable and press enter. This will allow you access to the privileged EXEC mode. When you enter this mode you will see the command prompt change from a> to a#. Once you are here you will enter configure terminal then press enter. This will take you to the global configuration and change the prompt to (config)#. On this screen you will type no logging console and then enter. This will turn off the console message. Now you will type interface vlan 1 and then enter since this will take you to the interface configuration. In this mode the command prompt will change again to (config-if)#. You will now type then enter. This will assign the IP address to the switch. You will now type no shutdown and then enter to enable the vlan 1 interface. Type exit to go back to the global configuration now the prompt will go back to (config)#. You will want to type and enter this will assign the gateway default. You now want to name the switch so you will type hostname MySwitch and enter. The prompt will now change to MySwitch(config)#. You will now press control and z to go back to the privileged EXEC mode. Now you will want to set up a password. You will need to type configure terminal then enter. Again this takes up to the global configuration mode. Type enable password cisco then enter. Now type enable secret swain and enter. Type line console 0 and enter this allows you to enter the line console configuration. Now type password swain and enter. Type...
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