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Broadway Cafe

Julio Romero Zapata – Student ID 3031203
Amanthi Wijeyekoon – Student ID 3037866
Clara Chong – Student ID 3047408
Tina Swaker – Student ID 121271
Table of Contents
Table of Contents1
1.2Where to from here3
1.3Use of Groupware tool3
2Competitive Advantage4
2.1Making business decisions I – Porter’s Five Forces & Generic Strategy4 2.2Making business decisions II – Customer Order Process5 3Customer Relationship Management7
3.1Making business decisions II - CRM7
3.1.1Extended Strategy8
3.1.2New Technologies8
4Business Intelligence9
4.1Making business decisions II9
5Systems Development14
5.1Making business decisions II – PYT Business Requirement14 6Bibliography15
Appendix B – PYT Business Requirement for New Payroll System16 Appendix C - Groupware Tools20

Figure 1: As-is Broadway Cafe Rich Picture2
Figure 2: Broadway Cafe Alters Diagram3
Figure 3: The Broadway Café Five Forces model4
Figure 4: Customer Ordering Process6
Figure 5. As-Is payroll system14
Figure 6. Flow chart payroll system17
Figure 7: Team ISO Groupware Home Page20

Table 1: YouTube Pros and Cons7
Table 2. Comparison of Spreadsheet and Databases11
Table 3. Wikispaces advantages & disadvantages20

1 Introduction
This case study addresses the following information systems (IS) concepts for the Broadway Café, as detailed at Competitive Advantage - Making business decisions I (Porter’s Five Forces & Generic Strategy Competitive Advantage - Making business decisions II (Customer Order Process) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Making business decisions II Business Intelligence – Making business decisions II

Systems Development – Making business decisions II
To gain an understanding of the current environment an ‘as-is’ rich picture was used, the outcome is depicted in Figure 1. Figure 1: As-is Broadway Cafe Rich Picture

1.1 Assumptions
The assumptions on which this report is based are as follows. The café is located in a busy business area.
The décor is still a 60’s style.
The café does not currently use technology within the business. Processes are manual and outdated.
The café maintains a high staff retention rate.
The café has sufficient financial resources to implement all strategies presented in this report. The Café does not currently have a marketing strategy.
1.2 Where to from here
Once all IS concepts were completed an Alters Diagram was developed to demonstrate where the Broadway Café will be after implementation of the strategies presented in this report; the Alters diagram is provided at Figure 2. 1.3 Use of Groupware tool

To develop the management report and communicate ideas the team established a Groupware site using Wikispaces, the web address is A reflection on the use of this tool to support group based processes is provided in Appendix C - Groupware Tools. Figure 2: Broadway Cafe Alters Diagram

2 Competitive Advantage
The Café industry is a highly competitive market and hence the need to identify new and innovative ways to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. The Broadway Café aims to increase its market share. To achieve this competitive advantage has been developed in two stages: Application of Michael Porter’s Five Forces (Baltzan, Phillips & Lynch 2010, p.26-29). combined with identifying which of Michael Porter’s three generic strategies (Baltzan, Phillips & Lynch 2010, p.30-31). Business process improvement (Baltzan, Phillips & Lynch 2010, p.71-72). 2.1 Making business decisions I – Porter’s Five Forces & Generic Strategy A detailed Porter’s Five Forces analysis was performed for the Broadway Café, using workshops, industry reports and other data gathering activities. All areas identified in Figure 3 are to be continuously monitored and modified in order to...

Bibliography: Kerzner, H. (2009). ‘Project Management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling and controlling’, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.
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