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Creation of Islam
Muhammad was the creator of Islam and the Muslim religion. Today he still makes an impact on his religion. There are now many more religions now days that will be talked about in my paper which are Christian, Muslim, and the Jewish religions. Many people have different faiths, gods and beliefs, but does every faith believe in the same god? That is question I will answer. The Shitte and Sunni split is a big part of the Muslims religion and makes a big difference. Islam has many parts to its creation and religion and but it comes down to these main ideas. Muhammad, the creator of Islam, was born in the Arabian city of Mecca on June 8th, 570C.E. He was a military, political, and religious leader. He is believed to be a messenger and a prophet of god by the Muslims. At the age of about forty years old he began to preach the first revelation from god. About three years later he began to preach the revelations to the public. He said that god is the one, and the only way to be accepted by god is to surrender to him. Muhammad then started to have followers of his beliefs. To escape the persecution by the Meccan Tribes, he sent his followers to Abyssinia and then he went to Medina. This was called the Hijra which ended up creating the Islamic Calendar. Muhammad then started to unite the tribes under the Constitution of Medina. After a long fight of eight years with the Meccan Tribes his followers of about 10,000 took over Mecca. After returning from destroying the pagan idols and temples in eastern Arabia Muhammad got sick and died. By the time he died he had most the Arabian Peninsula believing in Islam and then became a Muslim religion. Muhammad made a major impact and still is till this day. Most of the world’s religions are Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim. Christianity is the world’s largest religion. Most Christians believe that Jesus is the son of god and is the savior of humanity. It is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Judaism is a monotheistic religion. It is considered a conventional relationship with god according to the Jews. It is a monotheistic religion. Its main inspiration is based on the Hebrew bible. The Muslim religion practices the teachings of Muhammad. They believe that their god Allah is eternal. These religions and their practices maybe different, but I think that these religions all believe in different gods. There are many opinions on these religions but this is what I believe. The Shiite and Sunni split are two major denominations of Islam. The Sunnis are a majority of most Muslims communities such as South East Asia, China, and the rest of the Arab world. The Shia makes up most of the population in Iran, Iraq, and Bahrain. There was a battle that was called Siffin. Then there was another battle called Karbala where Hussein ibn Ali and people in his house were killed by Umayyad Caliph Yazid I. These battles divided the Islamic communities. Ever since then Sunni and Shia have had different opinions on hadith, which is what Muhammad had said in the beginning. Within the past years Sunni and Shia relationship has been cooperative and also conflictive. Sectarian violence causes a lot of conflict throughout the Middle East and it has made tensions between the communities get worse. It all started in the creation of Islam and the Muslim religion and now has been more complicated as years go by with many conflicts such as war and politics. Such as the Shiite and Sunni split and whether there is one god or different gods that these religions believe in. Muhammad started it all, Islam and the Muslim beliefs, but much has changed since then and will continue to as days go by.

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