Is the ipad a disruptive technology?

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1)Evaluate the impact of the iPad using Porter's Competitive forces model?

Traditional Competitor
-When the firm are competing with each other through continuously produce new devise,product or service to attract their customers.For example Samsung which always produce new product against Apple.

New market entrance
-When some industries have very low barriers to entry, new companies have several possible advantage.For example e-book, that allowed people to read their books or magazines online rather than in print.

Substitute product and service
-Customer can purchase same product with low price.iPad has the ability to deliver,video,music,text,social networking application and video games.Same function as iPhone.

-Company's ability to attract and retain customers and charge high price.They can force business and its competitors to compete on the price.

-Market power of supplier can have significant impact on firm profit like ScrollMotion.It has experienced using Apple application platform for the iPhone. So, it is uniquely qualified to convert existing files provided by publishers into a format readable by the iPad and to add additional features.

2) What makes the iPad a disruptive technology? Who are likely to be the winners and losers if the iPad becomes a hit? Why?

The iPad has some appeal to mobile business users but most experts believe it will not supplant laptops or net-books in the publishing and media industries. That is why iPad is a disruptive technology that have tendency to replace or obsolete previous technology. E-book publisher is the winner because they agreed to make Apple as an agent to sell their product. They also eager to establish themselves on the iPad, printed media who have convert their product into electronic products such as electronic newspaper and electronic magazines, and electronic music store for example iTunes. Whereas...
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