Is Shoe the Face of Indian Democracy

Topics: Democracy, Government, India Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Finally, after 61 years of ‘successful’ democratic form of government, every thing has boiled down to the Shoe… when an Indian slammed the India world looks up to- the largest democracy (irony intended). The shoe has definitely ignited lot of debate over the issue of the Anti-sikh riots in 1984 leading to cancellation of candidature of the candidates in question. But it has left lots of questions, unspoken and unanswered. Biggest of them is would any other way of registering anguish would have attracted as much attention and thereby as much effect?? What has insulted the government (and NOT the ruling party), the shoe that was tangibly thrown or all the other shoes lay hidden in it … Why does a 25 year old issue elicit such an ‘unconstitutional’ display of emotions that to from a sane, responsible man? It is quite understandable that Mr. Jarnail Singh comes from the community over which hell was unleashed and we can’t rule out the possibility that he might have witnessed such cruelty that would have marred his youth even his life. But is it just that or is it something for us to contemplate as to why do we have one (oh sorry! Thousands of) 25 year old issue unsettled? With such grand failure of justice I see a shoe coming there!! With deepest regret I say that all of us, the public of India suffers form a much worse case of Anterograde amnesia than Aamir Khan in Ghajini. As a whole we forget the blasts, the riots, the attacks, the sacrifices, the deaths and those innumerable crimes which are the after effects. It is just when some one close to us falls victim, then we realize that the above mentioned accidents are more than a news item. This time is the time of elections, rallies and parades, in the horde of accusations the manifestos vanish, and we are left with the realization that as the citizens of India we have failed to choose our representatives. I am yet to find some one who is confident of winning a seat on the basis of what he has done or what he is...
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