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No doubt education makes a man broad minded, enhance his personality and groom him. This is education which make a man thoughtful. But just well education is not a fix criteria to analize a leader. There are some other qualities which makes him perfect like, he must be honest, hard-working. Sincere, corruption free, who think about people welfare and benefits etc. And most important having strong leadership qualities. There are so many leaders who are well qualified still they are corrupt and its recent example is Mr. A. Raja who is one of the most corrupt leader and involved in multi-crores 2G scam. But its doesn't mean education is secondary thing that there should be a fixed standard of education qualification for politician. We see so many highly qualified IPS, IAS, etc. Who works for these uneducated persons. Though these administrative personnel are highly qualified yet they have to work under the pressure of these uneducated politicians. They even cannot take decisions independently and just become the puppet of these uneducated politicians. This is all because of our unawareness. During the time of elections we give vote to these uneducated, corrupt and biased leaders and became slave of them.

So, we need good and honest leader like Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhash Chander Bose etc. And in modern time like Anna ji. Anna ji who is not so qualified yet he is trying to make our country corruption free. Thus, we need a politician who can represent common man and that is possible when our leader would be educated at certain extent and as well as honest and think for welfare of our country.

No, Its of no use. Because if we look at our national politicians many of them are highly qualified even then there is no difference. They are facing more problems related to scams, black money-hoarding, illegal sexual relationship and many more. If the person has ability to read, understand and have strong leadership qualities along with honesty it is more than enough....
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