Is Nursing a Profession

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The definition of profession is an occupation requiring extensive education or specialized training. (Encarta World English Dictionary, 2009). I used to think that there wasn’t a difference between an Associate degree or diploma nurse and a nurse with bachelor’s degree, but there is a difference. An associate degree/ diploma nurse has more clinical experience then a nurse with a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor degreed nurse is in school longer, but is qualified for management level positions. When I think of a professional nurse, I think of one’s who continues to educate themselves to provide the optimum service, in the area of their choosing. I consider myself to be a professional nurse in training. I love learning about this field of nursing. Continuing my education in order to move from a technical nurse to a professional nurse is my present goal. Once a nurse has begun their quest for more knowledge, by continuing their education, in order to teach, research, or serve the community, as well as, those in facilities by completing their BSN; is when nursing becomes a profession. The practice of nursing and the health care environment is compelling nurses to return to school because there is a need to know not just how to treat illnesses but how to prevent illnesses. According to the article, “To BSN or Not to BSN – That is the Nurse’s Question”! (2011) professional nurses are educated with emphasis on how to promote healthy lives, prevent diseases and reduce the risk of illnesses. Abraham Flexner was the president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Flexner was very adamant about the education process. The Flexner report shows evidence of how determine Flexner was on making sure that the medical schools were following the standards and the mainstream protocols of science (Institute of Advanced Study, 2011).

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