Is Hong Kong an Attractive Place for Tourists?

Topics: Lantau Island, Hong Kong, Chinese language Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: October 19, 2011
I agree that Hong Kong is an attractive place for tourists. In this essay, I will give reasons why I think so.   First of all, Hong Kong is a shopping and eating paradise. There are a rich variety of shops and cuisine in this small city. Tourists can buy high quality products from other countries such as digital cameras, beauty products and electronic appliances. In addition, tourists can also sample different kinds of food from different countries for example Japan and India. Korean food is also a good choice.   Moreover, Hong Kong has a lot of attractions that provide tourists with memorable experiences. The Big Buddha, located on Lantau Island, is spectacular. It is the biggest seated Buddha in the world. Besides that, the two famous theme parks, Ocean Park and Disneyland, attract thousands of tourists from around the world. The big aquarium in Ocean Park contains a great variety of sea animals. And tourists can take photos with different cartoon characters in Disneyland.   Hong Kong is an international city, but tourists can also experience Chinese traditional cultures. Most tourists like to visit Stanley Market where they can buy traditional Cheongsam and handicrafts. Tourists can know more about Chinese society through the customs of different Chinese festivals like Chinese New Year and Dragon Boat Festival.    To sum up, Hong Kong is really an attractive place for tourists. Hong Kong is a shopping and eating paradise and it provides tourists many attractions to visit. Moreover, tourists can experience Chinese traditional cultures.
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