Is Apple’s Strategy Evolving?

Topics: Apple Inc., IPod, IPhone Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: October 21, 2011
1.Is Apple’s strategy evolving?
Yes. Apple started out a very small company just like any other. In its early years they were some of the leaders of innovation in their industry however, they were behind the competition in many of the early stages of their life. They were responsible for things such as the first color display, and the user-friendly graphical user interface. Apple followed a broad differentiation strategy. This allowed them to compete in a wider market of products while keeping loyal customers due to their variety of specialization of their products. In the early 1980's, Apple was focused on personal computers. Other devices such as notebooks, and tablet computers, which didn't become powerful enough to be popular until recent micro technology innovations, didn't come around until the 1990's. Every time the market opened up like this, Apple was sure to be sticking their nose in the action somehow. Apple went through some very radical upper management changes through their infancy. Steve Jobs, one of the greatest leaders in the field, was even let go and rehired as CEO later when Apple would acquire Job's company NeXT. Even during the toughest times for our economy Apple was still being successful and turning a profit where many other competitors failed. This is because of the companies' adaptability and sheer will to succeed. Their strategy has been constantly evolving over the years. During these years Apple shifted from its main revenue stream being computers to noncomputer products. This shows that they are constantly paying attention to patterns and trends to stay ahead of the game and greaten their competitive advantage. They had computer lines tailored to every consumer group. The Mac Pro was for professional business users, while the iMac targeted educational and business users, and the Mac mini was tailored to every day consumers. Their strategy even included things like product linking where two or more of their...
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