Iphone and Android Comparison

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Comparing the iPhone and Android
Cell phones in this day in age are very popular and all carriers are booming with sales. When it comes down to the big sales, most major carriers advertise the latest and most up to date smartphones. What is a smartphone exactly? It is a device that can provide the user to interact through a network of social and personal applications; all with a touch of a button. Almost everyone owns a cell phone and the majority of us own either an iPhone or an Android smartphone. What are the differences between the two? Does one phone perform better than the other? Which operating system is more beneficial? And which phone has more value?

One value I look for in a phone or smartphone is the performance. The speed and different components of these smartphones have improved greatly over the past few years. It is hard to choose what type of phones will best suit your needs. Apple and Android are the largest companies to produce these smartphones. The latest Apple smartphone is the iPhone 4s. This phone has exceptional speed with an integrated dual core processor. It is the same processor used in the iPad two. Apple also used RAM memory totaling one gigabyte to help the device open and run applications more smoothly. The Android Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the latest phones out as well, and it also has a dual core processor and one gigabyte of RAM memory. With this comparison both phones have equal performance in speed. Taking photos on smartphones is another major value us users like to have when in need of a quick

quality capture. The latest iPhone 4s and Android Galaxy S2 can take photos and record videos in full 1080p high definition. While iPhone 4s can take these photos and videos only on the back camera, the Galaxy S2 can capture full high definition photos and videos on both; back and face cameras. It is just a matter of preference at this point of comparison.

Another value I look for in a phone is which operating system I want...
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