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Socio cultural factors in the play of Wole Soyinka’s the Lion and the Jewel and Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana: a Comparative
K. Saravanan,
PhD Research Scholar, Government Arts College, Coimbatore



The word ―culture‖ itself is so difficult to pin down; ―cultural studies‖ is hard to define. According to Elaine Showalter ―cultural is a model of feminine difference, ―cultural studies‖ are not so much a discrete approach at all, but rather a set of practices. It arises from the social from the social turmoil of the 1960’s, cultural studies is composed of elements of Marxism, Post Structuralism and post Modernism, feminism, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Race and Ethnic Studies. These field that concentrate on social and cultural factors that either create community or cause division and alienation. Jacques Derrida ha urged cultural critics ―to erase the boundaries between high and low culture, classic and popular literary texts, and literature and other cultural discourses that, following Derrida, may be seen as manifestations of the same textuality.‖ In the current scenario, the discipline of psychology has also entered the field of cultural studies. Cultural identity is the identity of a group or a culture of an individual as far as the influence of the concern group or culture. In general, the ideas and characters are clearly marked by the society. Socio-cultural factors are essential, because these factors are determined by differences like the character feel, what they belong to, and a group defines itself as a group, by noticing and highlighting differences with other groups and cultures. Any culture defines itself in relation, or rather in opposition to other cultures. Some characters think that they belong to the same culture but in real awareness of common codes is possible only the...

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