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 Revision for Sociology Nab..

Remember these 3 theories.... Functionalist theory, Conflict theory & Symbolic interactionalist theory ---- There are 4 key features of each of these theories you need to describe.


Functionalist theory has 4 parts:

1. Consensus on norms roles & values - Expected patterns of behaviour in different sittuations that contribute to social order. 2. Stability & continuity – Keeping things the way they are & conserving them, passing on these values/norms to the next generation 3. Integration & interdependence – Parts of Society that are dependent on each 4. other to function as a whole.

5. Dysfunctionality – This is to do with groups or individuals within society that do not operate as they should. (deviance)

Do this for the other 2 theories this is what you have to write in the nab Conflict theory (just a sentence for each feature is enough if u can explain it well enough)

Culture – This is to do with the current society/values & norms that we are part of (general) remember culture exists within a culture eg, Muslims have specific values & norms religion/ceremonies/practises. We have our own practises ie: Easter ,Christmas etc. and different cultures have different accepted behaviours (hope this makes sense) Sub Culture – This is to do with groups of people that function differently, ie gay community step families etc (sub culture is another type of culture within a culture)

Life chances/opportunities & marginalisation – This is to do with poverty/wealth and is best explained in the conflict theories features.

Private issues & public issues – This is about how personal issues can affect society as a whole & how public isssue's affect people on a personal level. (ie, benefit cuts (public) affect ppl personaly– & Mental health issues affect the public


Guiding values

Social justice & social inclusion – read pages 154 & 155 in the book – all you need to do is understand what...
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