Investment In Wind Mobile

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Investment in Wireless industry -- Draft Beginning
Introducing the basic business environment for Wireless industry. Introducing the recent market situation for wireless industry in Canada. Introducing several major competitors in wireless industry in Canada Recently, increasing numbers of investor are considered whether to invest in wireless industry. In my opinion, it is worth to invest in wireless industry. (This is the basic argument I would like to discuss in the following passage)

Body Paragraph
Body paragraph 1
Basically I would like to use one of the companies in the wireless industry to argue for my point. For example, Bell. First, I would like to introduce the basic situation for company development in recent years, and compare it with the industry average. Then, list the near past several years data from company’s financial statement such as assets, shareholder’s equity, retailed earnings, net earnings every year. It is for a general view of how Bell has done over the past several years. Then I want to get data of market price for several periods, Bell’s total common shares etc. These data is all for calculating probability ratios. For example, earning per share , price earning ratio and so on. It is an important way to determine whether investor should invest in this company or not. Finally, we can research the actual condition for Bell now. Comparing with past year data is also an excellent way to determine whether we should invest in this company or not. From one company perspective, we can make a little prediction of the whole industry development.

Body Paragraph 2
Basically use another example in the wireless industry to do a case study. In this case, I would like to use Rogers as an example. First, I would like to do an intercompany comparison for Rogers using the calculation I have done for Bell. Then, I would like to use Rogers recent market shares data to do an intracompany analysis and...
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