Introverts: Best Leaders for Proactive Employees

Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: August 23, 2012
Steve jobs
Larry Page (google)
1. Introverts have recently been shown to be the best leaders for proactive employees – and if any company has proactive employees, it’s Google. Introverts are good at listening, and they aren’t much interested in dominating social situations – so they’re more likely than extroverts to hear and implement other people’s creative ideas. (Extroverts, with their natural ability to inspire, are better at leading more passive workers.)  Read about this groundbreaking research here and here. 2.  Some of the best CEOs have been found to have the following pair of qualities: a quiet and reserved personality coupled with intense passion and will: This describes Page to a T. He’s known to have an insatiable appetite for fast-paced innovation. (Read more about this research here. ) 3.  Tech culture values substance over style. Sociability is crucial to career success in some industries – but not in others. Tech ranks at the bottom of the sociability index, according to this study. Engineers would rather hear from a smart person than a charismatic one. Barack Obama - "Obama's not a shy introvert, but he is one. In his book, Dreams From My Father, he identifies himself with a lonely old man who lives in his building," says Susan Cain. "Introversion has been one of his assets. He plans his campaigns intricately and gives very cerebral speeches.". Mother Teresa: People were often shocked at just how soft-spoken this nun from Albania could be in person, but that didn’t stop her from becoming a larger-than-life figure. Abraham lincln : Abraham Lincoln is the embodiment of the culture of character, and people celebrated him back then for being a man who did not offend by superiority. But at the turn of the century, when we moved into this culture of personality, suddenly what was admired was to be magnetic and charismatic. Bill gates: Gates has the ferocious focus that allowed him to spend thousands of hours writing code, and he...
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