Do You Think Lincoln Is an Idealist? Why or Why Not?

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, United States, American Civil War Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Do you think Lincoln is an idealist? Why or why not?

I consider Lincoln to be more a far-sighted wise man than an idealist his significant contribution to the racial equality throughout the United States as well as other parts in the worldwide. At the beginning of the movie, we could see some black corporal requiring higher army status directly from President Lincoln who is also confused by the issue. Apparently, he knows the urgency of abolishing negro slavery which would exert a profound influence in the future enhancement in the U.S. while most people only show interest in the result of the Civil War. Those who merely concerned about the war neglected the dramatic sacrifice of the black for the sake of not only the war but also the construction of infrastructures all over America. Thus, Lincoln attached the negotiation to the 13th amendment to demonstrate the subtle relations ingeniously in order to get massive support from the public and some centrists in the Congress. Therefore, I contend it is a bit arbitrary to describe him as an idealist via the consequence of his accomplishment rather the motivation. Can you imagine the U.S. to be as powerful as now with the unequal racial discrimination? What I want to emphasize is the difference between Lincoln and other leaders. Most leaders care for achievements in their official career solely. In stark contrast, Lincoln shows his considerate thought for his successors and the United States. Idealist is to describe someone with unrealistic thoughts while doing nothing for real. But Lincoln and his team devoted themselves to the promotion the issue, visiting senators’ houses and addressing presentation in the public. They had made drastic effort to achieve the goal, the votes. “I have decided. The Constitution gives me war powers, but no one knows exactly what those powers are. Some say they don’t exist, I don’t know. I decided I need them to exist to uphold my oath to protect the Constitution...
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