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Most people can agree on the fact that president Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States is considered to be one of the most outstanding citizens. He is known for his presidency which he fought the confederacy during the civil war where he managed to abolish slavery. Which all happened with the help of the Republican party, whom were chosen because he felt like he wanted to make a point and would need the help of a strong party to do so. Lincoln was a man of not only right doings but of moral ethics.... [tags: Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, heroes, USA, history,]483 words (1.4 pages)$14.95 [preview]

The Real Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln’s presidential career was full of questionable actions. Thomas DiLorenzo author of, The Real Lincoln discusses Lincoln’s actions regarding racism, his refusal to emancipate the slaves, his continual tendency to act independently of Congress, and his radical reconstruction after the Civil War. DiLorenzo attacks each of these topics in his book and proves that Lincoln had his own agenda, and was not the picture perfect president everybody thought that he was. The overall theme of chapter two is the opposition that Abraham Lincoln and most Northerners had about racial equality.... [tags: Abraham Lincoln] :: 1 Works Cited1243 words

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Abraham Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln Many know him as “Honest Abe” or “Illinois Rail Splitter” but we all know him as Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was given birth to in a Hodgenville, Kentucky log house. He also had very little education, and was mostly self thought. During his lifetime, Lincoln accomplished many things. Some of these included freeing the slaves, fighting the confederacy, and bringing the country back together as one. Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents of the United States. Abraham came from a poor family and all of his struggles were worth it in the end.... [tags: Biography]425 words (1.2 pages)$14.95 [preview]


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Abraham Lincoln - ... However, in order to do what was best for the American people; Abraham Lincoln often had to swallow his pride in order to make the decision which was best for the American people. Abraham Lincoln often had to swallow his pride and form alliances with his political rivals and even some people he disliked in order to attempt reconstruction. During the civil war, the primarily Republican North and the Democratic South were divided. Lincoln understood that in order to unify the north and the south, he needed something which would bind the two together.... [tags: American Government, Politics] 1451 words
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Abraham Lincoln - ... Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 to Thomas and Nancy Hawks Lincoln (Fetzer, 311, 312). He had an older sister, Sarah, and a brother, Thomas, who died in infancy (Fetzer, 3 I 2). On the farm that Abraham was born, the family spent only two years (Fetzer, 312). They then moved to a farm ten miles away on Knob Creek (Fetzer, 312). It was in Knob Creek where Sarah and Abraham first went to school, learning reading; writing, and arithmetic in a log schoolhouse (Fetzer, 312). Abraham had less than one year of formal schooling, though (Fetzer, 313).... [tags: Biography, American History, Politics] 1594 words
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Abraham Lincoln - On November 4, 1842 he married Mary Todd Lincoln. The following year they had their first kid together. Their son was named Robert Todd Lincoln. Abraham and Mary had another son three years later, named Edward Baker Lincoln. They later had two more boys named William Wallace Lincoln and Thomas Tad Lincoln. The only bad thing about all the kids is all of them but one died at an early age. Only Robert would survive until he was an adult. All of the kids death had a major effect on Abra
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