Introductory Speech

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The Introductory Speech

The Six Strings of Ben’s Life
Similar to the many ways to live life, there are also a variety of methods that can be used to tune a guitar. All of these techniques are sufficient; however, certain approaches can produce different results. It has been said that the idea of what can come out of six strings varies from one person to another, and this can be applied to life too. The view of life changes among people, though no one view is better than the other. Our classmate, Benjamin Noll, has his own vision of life and the six strings you can use to create the final track. Ben resembles the first string of a guitar, E, by his enthusiastic attitude for music. Ben learned how to play guitar in seventh grade. Ever since then, his love for music has continued to intensify. He strengthens his talents in music by being a DJ/sound engineer and playing the guitar. Ben isn’t picky when it comes to music. However, his favorites are rock and jazz and particularly the band, Phish. His everyday activities involve music in some type of way, whether it be playing or just simply listening. Besides his love for music, Ben enjoys other hobbies such as biking and reading.

Resembling the second and third strings of a guitar, A and D, Ben is both ambitious and dedicated to reaching his goals through his future endeavors. When asking Ben what these goals were, he showed a lot of enthusiasm for joining the Peace Corps. He aims to be successful and travel the world to Japan, Brazil, and Australia. Recently, Ben traveled to Israel with his family where he climbed the mountain of Masada in the middle of a desert. Ben resembles the G string, because as life continues to speed by, his goals become realities and the track to his life develops like a song forming from guitar strings.

Ben has a lot of positive, personal qualities that include being social, intelligent, witty, and nice. He enjoys talking with others and learning about them through...
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