Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

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1. Trends Analysis of Dubai’s Job Marketplace

The job marketplace in Dubai is one unlike anywhere in the world. This is due to a number of reasons that generally stem from two factors, the readily available supply of cheap labour, and a rapidly developing economy (Dubai, 2009). Whilst most people might believe that Dubai’s economy is largely dependent on oil, many don’t realise that oil currently only comprises approximately 10% of the emirates economy. In the last fifteen years Dubai has made significant investments around the world and has funded a huge number of projects within the emirate it’s self, pushing towards creating Dubai the ultimate tourist destination (Current economy, 2009). Accompanied by the readily available cheap labour force available from countries such as India, Pakistan and the Philippines Dubai has now managed to transform it self into a Hospitality and Tourism Centre in the Middle East.

The major trend in the job market place in Dubai has therefore been in favour of the tourism and hospitality industry (Collins, 2007). In other words, there are more and more jobs available in the particular industries as tourism increases exponentially each year. More over with recent expansions to their international airport, and the construction of a new airport, said to be the largest in the world, Dubai is set to be a major transit point for international passengers (Dubai, 2009). This intern reveals another trend as many passengers will choose to exit the airport during long wait transits, or even choose to stay for a few nights to take advantage of the opportunity.

One other trend or aspect to take notice of is that ex-pats such as one self have to be very care full when choosing how to go about their career. Positions in the lower levels of hierarchy within organizations are mainly filled by employees from cheap labour countries. It can therefore be very difficult to get the experience, and on the job knowledge that is essential for higher level positions (Current economy, 2009). Furthermore, the importance of contacts in Dubai should under no circumstances be underestimated. The traditional recruiting system is often overlooked as positions need to be filled quickly, and more often then not a recommendation from a respected individual in the particular field can be much more persuasive then an impressive resume (Collins, 2007). A valid solution may be to either acquire the experience required before transferring to Dubai, or to try and use any possible contacts that one may have to help in getting the position that they desire.

2. Finding Hospitality & Tourism Jobs in Dubai

1.2.1 Strategies

As previously discussed, in Dubai job vacancies within higher levels of hierarchy can be very difficult to find without the right contacts. The issue is further complicated, as in this particular case, by the fact that the job is overseas. Local job advertisements in print media, such as newspapers, are therefore not an option. This means that one can either use the internet and search through websites dedicated to job advertisements or if possible get in contact directly with organizations within the industry and inquire about vacancies.

It is important to note that a new law has very recently been passed in Dubai, which allows foreigners to move to Dubai without a guaranteed job or provider (Collins, 2007). In the past, the government had only allowed foreigners to move to the emirate if they had a guaranteed job with an organization or had family who were residents and could provide for them. Interestingly enough this law was passed during the economic downturn that affected the world, and more specifically had a profound impact on Dubai’s economy (Millner, 2009).

1.2.2 Job Seeker Sources

The following is a list of websites that may prove useful to future individuals seeking jobs in Dubai;
- (lists hundreds of links)...
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