Intro to E-Blotter

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The e-blotter system facilitates fast, easy, and paperless entering of crime information using the computer machine that is linked into one station to another up to the higher headquarters via internet connections. The e-Blotter is designed as a stand-alone system which will be installed in all police stations as a means of reporting and monitoring all crime incidents that transpired within their respective areas as well as the results and records of the investigation. The system will allow enhancement in the course of crime prevention, detection, and solution as it enables easy access of data needed for an immediate action from the police officials.

Crime investigators and personnel will instantly access crime reports and daily updates of what is happening in the ground, particularly in every police station which is vital in mapping out strategies for quick response and crime prevention through internet using e-blotter system. The system will allow integration of crime reports for and accurate and reliable documentation which is needed for crime investigation and solution.

The e-blotter system will render better police service through an improved and enhanced crime incident reporting system with the use of modern technology.

Statement of the Problem
What are the common factors affecting quickly access crime reports of other departments and headquarter? General Problem
How does E-blotter system be implemented in Brgy. Muzon, San Jose del Monte Bulacan? Specific Problem
1. How e-blotter be described as to:
2.1 availability of computer units in the police headquarters 2.2 accessibility of internet
2.3 hire a web developer to create the e-blotter system 2. What are the estates of the process of implementing e-blotter system? 3.4 Police station personnel must be trained how to use the e-blotter system 3.5 Registration of the complainant

3.6 Error...
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