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Topics: Police, Law enforcement, Crime Pages: 6 (1957 words) Published: December 10, 2012
The University of Texas at Austin is one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, it is among one of the highest in graduation rates, campus size and amount of students that attend there. While the University of Texas has such a high attendance of students that go there, the local municipal departments of Austin is right along the road with honors and recognition. Though the city of Austin is not big in citizen count, the local municipal department has its work cut out for them, the crime rate is not low for its amount of citizens the city has in total. We shall compare these two police departments that will be covering the University of Texas and also we will also cover the local Austin police department. The areas we will be covering will include agency’s staffing, divisions and services. Then we will cover the area of the organizational structure, crime statistics and other pertinent features from those agencies. And finally we shall enter the communication and see if the two agencies work together side by side in the city of Austin. The methods that we are going to be using in this research from the two agencies will be from the department’s websites that have their information in the website from those agencies. The data we will be covering from the websites will cover the staffing how available it is for the public, then the divisions from the departments and what those divisions offer.

The local municipal police department has much to say about what they want to put in display for their fellow police officers. When you scroll through the Austin police department website you can easily find the staff that makes up their work place, once someone clicks on the divisions of the department on the website it is fairly easy to understand that the department wants the public to know who are the ones running those divisions. The municipal Austin police department has a very easy navigation on their website for those who wish to find this information for their own use. While then find the University of Texas police department website, the website has a very navigable website which is easy to find most things in their website, though the easy navigation of the website is an obvious the staff portion of their website is no where to be found. This shows a great deal of miscommunication with the community and the way the department is presenting their staff on the availability of the department of the University of Texas website. We can easily compare both departments in this first portion of this research and their availability on both departments. The obvious choice for the best and easier to find on staff navigational website would be handed to the local police department of Austin. For example when one looks through the local Austin police department website on the division side for the website, if one were to find the “Air Support Unit” the format of staffing would be found which says how the staff is structured which states: “The air operations unit is currently staffed by: One lieutenant, One Sergeant, One Corporals, Three Police Officers, Two Civilians Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.” This is the right structure for any police department to have in for the availability for the view of the public.

We know that the amount of services a department has to offer means the better prepared and just how much safer a city or campus can be, those services are what makes a department to what its full potential can be. The local municipal Austin police department has 45 divisions within its own department, which we can see how into detail the department goes into specific areas. Those divisions from the local Austin police department are as follows: Air operations, Alarm Administration, Animal Cruelty Unit, APD district representatives, APD special events, Austin regional intelligence center, Auto theft, Burglary unit, Career criminal unit, Child abuse, Court services unit,...
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