Into the World: Educating Rita

Topics: Educating Rita, World, Frankenstein Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: June 17, 2012
“Into the World” represents stages of growing up and maturation similar to a “rite of passage”. The transitional journey involves gaining knowledge, understanding and insight with difficult and challenging consequences which can be both positive and negative. Barriers and problems may exist and overcoming these barriers can be voluntarily or forced upon an individual. Concept and meaning of “Into the World” are explored in the play “Educating Rita’s Act 1 scene 5 and Act 2 scene 7” by Willy Russell and the science fiction masterpiece, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley.

The transitional journey often can be difficult and challenging. The two protagonists, Rita and Frank, undergo a transformation process involving personal growth and self-awareness. In Act 1 Scene 5, Rita emphasis how important the course is to her as shown in the quotes, “I’m busy enough findin’ myself, let alone findin’ someone else” and “It’s not takin’ the place of life, it’s providin’ me with life itself”. This shows Rita’s struggles and difficulties in “finding herself” but also has to face disagreements in the family. Books and window in Frank’s study is symbolic for the barrier between Rita’s current world and the world of Academia in which she is “finding herself”. When Denny burnt all the Chekhov books, it symbolises Rita’s problems in the family and Denny’s disagreement of Rita seeking “life” in education. During the play, Rita replied Frank whilst “standing up”, when Frank curiously asked, “I mean about your husband”. This acts as a metaphor which represents Rita’s willpower and determination to move into a “new world”. In contrast to Rita, Frank sees moving into the world as a negative experience as he resorts to drinking to escape his problems and responsibility. Alcohol acts as a symbol which represents a mask to cover-up his problems. “Frankenstein” depicts similar meaning and significance of moving into the world. Similar to Rita, both Frankenstein and the creature experiences...
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