Explain the Concept of Into the World and How It Is Explored in the Story of Tom Brennan.

Topics: New World, World, Old World Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Explain the concept of Into the World and how it is explored in The Story of Tom Brennan.

The ‘Into the World’ concept involves transitions into new phases, the progress into new worlds and experiences in order to grow, mature and internally progress. This concept is evident within J C Burke’s novel “The Story of Tom Brennan”. Through the use of a range of techniques J.C. Burke is able to maintain high levels of authenticity throughout the duration of the text, stimulating a more powerful response upon the audience whilst portraying the essential concept that the experience of moving into the world can challenge an individual’s attitudes and beliefs. Different pathways influence the transition into new phases of life for individuals. New phases or experiences in life are inevitable for all individuals in the story of Tom Brennan. This idea of new phases is common throughout the book. Tom’s adolescence is a time of great suffering and pain as he is distressed by the accident that Daniel was involved in and the impact it has had on his family. Throughout this time he is trying to find himself after the event that changed all of the Brennan’s lives. Tom begins to question what comes first in his life and what is really important to him. His relationship with his new team in Coghill has helped him to come out of his shell and becomes an important symbol of Tom’s growing up. He starts to appreciate just playing the sport with his mates rather than winning all the time. Being a part of a team and supporting your friends takes precedence over winning now to Tom. The team helps Tom to bring out the person he used to be and the new person he will become. The team provides Tom with solid ground to stand on and his teammates give him new relationships and friendships for him in Coghill. The story of Tom Brennan demonstrates the reality that individuals must leave behind short term comforts and the safety provided by the old world in order to satisfy unmet inner desires....
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