Internet - the world best or worst invention

Topics: Groucho Marx, Social network service, Books Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: November 2, 2014
The decade's worst or best invention?
Internet is a thing and a daily habit that many of us simply can't live without, but have u ever thought about the sideffects. I mean, when u r studying for exams or tests, internet might attract and lure you, for ex. facebook, twitter, blogs, youtube etc. If u open some sights which are forbidden or bad, ur PC might get hacked or get a lot of virus. At the same time it's timepass thing and we all can't live without for some hours even. things like can screen radiation or poor eyesight might also effect u. Internet might improve your image in front of others, but only on the net, not face-to-face. You might also get affceted by health problems such as muscle movements, stress. But internet has improved a lot of stuff, its now easier to communicate and chat with people on the other side of the world through, for ex. facebook, gmail, skype etc. It connects people, brings them closer. It has become a key source in studies, a lot of students prefer internet rather than reading books. Collages and schools are slowly and gradually switching from thick books to internet(not compleatly but, some parts like projects, essays.)

What I'm trying to say is Internet is not bad, nothing is too bad if you don't get addicted to it. Just put some limits to it! I personally enjoy being on the net 24/7 but, i don't get the chance! :(

I admit that I’m more passionate about books than chocolates and sweets. There’s so much to be gained from reading books. The mind-expanding benefits are huge and reading is truly beneficial and never harms you in a bad way.

Why should you read?

When life feels like it’s all getting too much, escaping into a book for half an hour can really make a difference to your mood. The great thing about reading a book is that it’s something that can completely absorb your mind: you’ll find that you can often tune out background chatter and talks on a train, or the TV blaring and making noises on the...
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