Ininternet Addiction and How It Affects Educational Success

Topics: Addiction, Internet addiction disorder, Pornography Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Internet Addiction and How It Affects Educational Success
Internet addiction has been recognized as an actual disorder and has been likened to other addictions such as to alcohol, drugs and smoking. Internet addiction is termed as Internet Addiction Disorder –IAD, a term first used by Goldberg (1996). -IAD exists when the individual experiences “decreased occupational, academic, social, work-related, family-related, financial, psychological, or physiological functioning”. The internet has become part of our lives over the years. Many people carry out most of their daily activities using the internet, for example, banking, paying bills and trading which has led to a marked dependence on the internet. According to the Center for On-Line Addiction (1998), there are several types of internet addiction: The first is Cyber-sexual Addiction where people get addicted to pornography on the internet. The second is Cyber-relationship Addiction where people make on-line friends in chatrooms and soon the online friends replace life friends and family. The third is Net- Compulsions where people engage in different compulsive behaviors such as gambling, auctions and excessive online trading. People develop an internet addiction for different reasons. Some people become addicted to the Internet because of the social connections they make online. This is because they develop emotional attachments to the online friends they ‘meet ’on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The internet offers anonymity where people can talk about issues that they would not feel free to talk to close friends or family about. -The internet also provides a wide array of activities which keeps people online in search of new and exciting forms of entertainment The internet has both positive and negative affects on education. Internet addiction negatively affects the social life of students; it leads to an inability to communicate in the ‘real world’. Lack of communication skills it...

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