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Cell Phonehroughout the 20th century, our views of life on other planets has drastically changed. It was once thought to be an impossibility, as all we had seen of space showed us a barren landscape unfit for anything we would recognize as life. But, in the 21st century, our telescopes continue to discover planets in what we deem “habitable zones,” the small bands in solar systems in which a planet’s temperature is ideal to support life. Planets such as the newly discovered Planet KOI 172.02 may hold the key to discovering life outside of Earth. Email

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ChildrenProgramming addictions – these addictions result from an individual’s desire to reprogram items or databases or to create new software excessively General Computer addictions – this the the result of an individual’s desire to play games such as solitaire or other games on the computer and does not generally include internet usage Internet Addiction – internet addiction is the result of an individual’s desire to spend time online performing any one of a number of tasks in excessive. Internet addiction has sub-categories that include: Internet compulsions – these may include compulsive shopping online, compulsive gaming online, compulsive gambling online or compulsive stock trading online Cybersex – this is a compulsive use of the internet to participate in internet sex through chat rooms, adult websites, fantasy role playing online or watching pornography Social Networking addictions – this is the addiction that results when an individual spends more time socializing online than they do socializing with people in real life. These addicts will often find online relationships to be more meaningful than offline relationships. [4]

Treatments for Computer Addiction[edit]

Counseling and therapy – this may...
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