Internet Privacy.

Topics: Internet, Internet privacy, Computer Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Solutions for Violations of Internet Privacy.

In the past thirty years computer technology has been developing very rapidly. Internet in last decade has revolutionized the way how we conduct our lives and businesses. Internet has become a daily necessity we cannot live without. Development of Internet and wireless technologies together with advancement in miniature technology has made it possible for us to have access the internet on the go. Every year we expect new and more advance models of smart phones, or new more sophisticated window systems, or new and more reliable internet security program in hope that this time advancements in technologies not only help to improve our life, but help to protect our privacy while using the internet. It seems the more advance computer and internet technologies get, the more our privacy gets violated. There is a parallel connection between internet privacy and advancements in computer technologies. Future of computer and digital technology is unlimited, and it is impossible to predict. However we should recognize the consequences of using the internet for different aspects of our lives, this will in turn help us to understand internet privacy and how to protect our privacy. Until then violation of the internet privacy will increase, and it is okay because we all learn in a process. Violation of our privacy will increase because the new generation is growing up under the public eye with all their information made available through social networking sites or smart phone technologies. David Schimke in his essay “Invading Our Own Privacy” quotes professor of communication at America University Kathryn Montgomery “I don’t think kids understand the long-term consequences on our surveillance culture. I’m not sure any of us do”(74). Then author adds that many young people do not mind to be watched on internet all the time “they adopted the skills that celebrities learn in order not to go crazy: enjoying the attention...
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