Personal Privacy

Topics: Spyware, Identity theft, Identity management Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: March 8, 2011
The purpose of this paper is to explain what I use to protect my personal privacy. There are many different things that can be use to protect someone’s information and keep hackers from accessing their computer. Some people use anti-virus, firewalls and anti-spam software to help protect their personal privacy. As we all know with today’s technology having just anti-virus or firewalls are not good enough, but having something is better than nothing. They do not protect you from new or custom-made viruses and evil-scripts. There is no one solution to protect you from Identity Theft, it’s just too many threats to keep up with, and having one software will not do the job for you. One key to protecting your information would be multi-layer protection; this means having more than one program monitoring you computer for different reasons.

To help keep my personal privacy from hackers I monitor my computer daily. Some daily things that I monitor on my computer are its speed, the event viewer, and my performance log. I know that may not seem helpful but it’s the basic things you need to do to help protect your information. I believe that in order for me to know that my CPU isn’t properly working I need to know everything thing about it. If I notice that my CPU isn’t running its normal speed I would run a scan to check for spyware, ad aware, or viruses all of those will have a major impact on the performance of a computer. I check my performance log daily to monitor my CPU Usage and how many processes are running. If I notice that my CPU Usage is up to 85 or 95% when I know it’s usually fewer than 5% then I know something is wrong. I also check my event viewer logs because it tells you a lot about your system for example it will tell you if applications are failing, and if someone attempted to access your computer without your authorization. In order for someone to be able to properly protect their machine they have to know how to check the...
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