Privacy in the Online World

Topics: Jeremy Bentham, Human rights, Michel Foucault Pages: 3 (1222 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Privacy is something we don’t really think about. Privacy is the last thing that comes up in our minds. The Internet is easily accessed by many people and can be hacked to find out important private information about anyone. People all over the world access the Internet, and when private information is posted online one person is going to be able to view that information no matter the privacy setting a person may use. The first article that I will use is “Who Is This Man, and Why Is He Screaming?” by Rachel Kadish. This article is about the author writing an article about her cousin Noam Galai. Galai took a photo of him self and posted it on Flickr. Months later he realized that his image was being used all around the world. The second article, “Visible Man: Ethics in a World Without Secrets” by Peter Singer, is about nobody having privacy in their lives any more. Everyone knows who you are and everything about you because of technology. Individuals must be responsible and protect their own privacy and also protect he rights of other individuals, with the panopticon privacy can be managed by being able to see who is observing us and what happens in the online world; therefore we act morally without breaking rules and laws. Individuals who use the Internet have to realize that they must be responsible and protect their own privacy. What goes up on the Internet will be around the world in just seconds. Galai just posted a photo of his face on the Internet not knowing about the consequences that picture would have. Singer asks himself, “New technology has made greater openness possible, but has this openness made us better off?” (Singer 463). Singer makes a good point about technology, because “new technology” has made the world improve by making it simple, but it has made it less private and dangerous because people do not understand their limits. Kadish says “The image had rippled outward in all directions, passing straight through national barriers” (Kadish...
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