International Foods

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Innovation at the International Foods Josh Novak who owns a small company called Glow Foods, have been selected to be apart of International Foods Group (IFG) team. IFG Tower was Chicago landmark and part of the company’s logo that appeared at every type of food that existed such as cereal box, breakfast meals, snack foods, etc. There are a lot of differences between Glow Foods, and IFG. In addition, John Ahern (CIO) would like to add more customers to IFG, merging the two Glow Foods and IFG. The goal is to attract the youth and young adult markets in IT.
Josh was called to meet up with John Ahern and Tonya (manager of IT marketing) to talk. They started to talk about baseball teams, and the weather. Later on, John started to get to business; John summarized that since they took over Glow Foods they completely thought of arranging their processes including IT. They did not see a reason to run separate data centers. They picked a team to transfer all of Glow Foods’ hardware and software to their corporate systems in a month. Also change their entire Mac’s to PC’s, train employees on ERP system, and keep a small team to deal with Canadian issues. With that being said, IFG’s market their products to women with children and would like to expand and market their products to youths and young adults. John Ahern chose Josh Novack to help grab the youth and young adult customers. There is a team that will help Josh with this project stationed in Chicago. Josh is now the team manager at IFG and in charge of this project to be implemented and result in success. Six weeks after Josh started; he was called to come to Tonya’s office to discuss a few things. Since not everyone in the company is encouraging there will be some serious obstacles to overcome that will need to be discussed and that is both within the IT and the larger company. Tonya will assist Josh the best way she can when it comes to resources, support and to help place Josh’s innovative

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