Kayem Foods, Inc

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Executive Summary


Matt Monkiewicz, director of marketing for Kayem Foods, Inc., is challenged with a decision pertaining to a small but fast growing product, Al Fresco chicken sausage. The product has become a brand leader in its market niche, and means on how to promote the product is in question. A “buzz” marketing campaign was recently used, and while the company did increase in sales, there is no way to directly calculate the effect the campaign had on the product. Mr. Monkiewicz would like to continue to use the “buzz” marketing approach, but supermarket executives and food distributers are unwilling to increase buying and support for the brand. They do not believe that this small marketing campaign is solid enough to increase buyer recognition and increase sales. Customers have remarked that the product is hard to find in stores, and some cannot find it entirely and have to visit other locations.


The sausage market, while growing, has several competitors who dominate the market. Al Fresco chicken sausage has become the number one brand in its market niche, but buyer power is high due to the low price and similarity of the product. Kayem Foods Inc has primarily sold through supermarkets and other retail food stores in the Northeast. In the last two years, it had made a concerted effort to obtain distribution in the Midwest and the Southeast.

Kayem has two different communication needs. First, they need to convince retailers that their product has a stable top of the market demand, and that current pricing creates a large profit potential. This objective can be achieved by devoting money to print advertisements in food magazines, and by allocating money to trade advertisements which depict the success the company has currently seen with the Al Fresco product

Monkiewicz used Al Fresco’s high recent sales increases to secure an $185,000 advertising budget for FY 2006. His perceived marketing options include spending $75-72,000 on another Buzz campaign, which supermarket executives do not believe is an adequate marketing campaign for the product. Another possibility is running trade advertisements to entice more retailers to sell Fresco’s chicken sausage (minimum cost of $80,000). The company has evaluated the possibility running no less than 2 or 3 print ads in specialty food magazines; this would be a cheap way to get circulation to the target market. A final alternative would distribute consumer price-off coupons at a minimum cost of $90,000. On top of the advertising venues chosen, an informative website that provided, product history, flavors, recipes, and product locations would be beneficial


Kayem Foods, Inc. should use the budgeted $185,000 promotional dollars to run a series of “trade advertisements” that would cost $80,000. They should also run two ads in both Food and Wine and Cooking Light food specialty magazines which would cost $39,765 and $57,840 and would be seen by 5.4 million people. They should also launch an informational website that would help build product awareness. Use of these three advertising avenues helps resolve the problems the Al Fresco brand currently faces; a new, largely unknown brand to consumers, supermarket managers have been reluctant to offer the brand considerable, if any shelf space due to doubts of stable demand.


Matt Monkiewicz, director of marketing for Kayem Foods, Inc., is challenged with a decision pertaining to a small but fast growing product, Al Fresco chicken sausage. This product, though small, has become the number-one brand in its niche market. The company had recently implemented a “buzz” marketing campaign for the product. This is a unique technique for using a word-of-mouth advertising venue. Monkiewicz did not initially have a substantial marketing budget adequate enough to make a substantial impact using traditional media. “Buzz” marketing, gave him means to promote the...
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