Annie's Inc. Case Study: Growing Organically

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Written Assignment: Annie’s Growing Organically

Annie’s Inc. is a rapidly growing natural and organic food company who wants to enter a new category by introducing frozen food to their product line. The first product they will launch in this category will be frozen pizza and they need to make several marketing decisions around this. One important decision is deciding the target market for the new product so all the advertising efforts and other marketing mix decisions will be towards attracting this target audience.

The recommended target market for frozen pizza is what Annie’s calls Prime Prospects. This market segment consists of working moms between 30 – 45 years old, where family income is high. They are well educated and are nutritionally aware about food requirements so they tend to have good, healthy eating habits and have their families eat healthy too. These moms have a very occupied and active lifestyle since they need to balance between work, family, personal appearance and health. These moms have a good sense of style and fashion and like to be attractive and be the “cool” mom. They often have little time to cook a complete meal at home so they look for easy alternatives that meet the nutritional requirements of their families. They are regular consumers of easily cooked products that can be as close as possible to a healthy balanced diet, which are the main competitors of Annie’s new frozen pizza. These moms are consumers of this type of products because they want to eat healthy but not spend much time cooking.

This is the best target market for Annie’s new product because they would be very frequent consumers of it and this would then lead to them consuming other products of the brand. If advertising is targeted towards these Prime Prospects, it should focus on the easiness of preparation and not that much on nutritional benefits of the product because the target market thinks of this benefit as the most important of this type of...
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