Topics: Money, Bank, Credit card Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Online shoppings is the best worldwide trading.There are several common problems could go wrong with online shopping in which dealing process easy to be cheated, payment process is complicated,delivery process go wrong. Dealing with online shopping is easy to be cheated.for example we do not know what is the condition of the item.besides that dealing on online shopping can revealed people to be cheated if we have pay for the item,but the item we not received.we must know we dealing from whom.otherwise,dealing on websites we see the item in good condition but after we received the item there have many problems.we must avoid to dealing on valuable item,for example gold or vintage products. Second problem is online payment.for example the famous online payment is on credit cards,or paypals online payments.Several peoples in other country using their expertise to hacked our online banking systems.form my obvious many people’s doing the payments by self revealed themselves into troubles.they paying for the item but after 2 weeks they not received their goods.there is solution,if we have dealing on the item,we should go the bank and let the bank workers doing the payments through banking addition,if payments through the bank more safer than we use our online banking system.the banks have more protection.besides that using online payment we should pays exchange rate into 50% higher than dealing on local products. Third is delivering process,deliver process through airlines and ship.airlines delivery more fastest way and using a lots of money,the item received within 12 hours.the problems is the fastest way also have a problems for example airlines workers not arrange the item carefully and the problems is if the item fall from racks the item might be in shopping is more risks if we do not know how the process ruin.the shipping delivery also had a same problems likes using airline delivery.shipping delivery take a long time in which takes 1...
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