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Group 1:
Cordillon, Katherine
Odasco, Ma. Raean
Dagohoy, Jordan
Velasquez, James


Before technology was developed, people used to do manual ways in doing tasks. Examples of these manual tasks are communication to another person, transportation, searching for information, and searching for job offers, monitoring sales and importing products. In terms of business and entrepreneurships, technology is now a “must” because of the wide competition happening when it comes to marketing business especially if it’s only getting started. The invention of the internet has created a new pattern of the traditional way people shop. Customers are no longer tied to the opening hours or specific locations; it may become active virtually at any time and any place to purchase products and services. The Internet is relatively new medium for the communication and the exchange of information which has become present in our daily lives. The number of Internet users is constantly increasing, which is also significance that online purchasing is increasing rapidly. E-commerce is the buying and selling of the goods and services online; internet is the best source to use this tool. Today the amount of trade that is conducted electronically using e-commerce has increased with a wide spread usage of internet and technology. E-commerce includes transferring of funds online, supply chain management, marketing over internet.

Because it is nearly impossible for one to conduct a business without the aid of technology in one form or another, the proponents come up with the thought of helping Beauty and Accessories, one of a kind business to promote how its ordering system will work and to advertise items or products through creating its official business website. It consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions. By conducting its official business website, it will be a great help and stress free to the owner in monitoring the current customers and sales. The researchers aim is not just build a website but a customer-converter online marketing by providing adequate details of the products, user-friendly interface, secured payment transaction, search-engine friendly and easy-to-maintain environment. The proposed system will not just build to advertise all over the web but to provide good services to the target visitors. These considerations will help the owner in gaining a good image and eventually attracting more customers to buy the owner’s items. 

Background of the study
Beauty and accessories online shop sells clothes, accessories and trendy items nationwide. The business started last 2009 by simply creating a facebook page. Ms. Vernice Omagap, a guidance councilor in San Pedro College of Business Administration, the owner, start the business with only 3000 pesos on hand. She enjoy the job because of the low start-up cost, flexibility and the own time you will have. Somehow during the first year, lost it’s high state of sales that made the shop lulls for a while. After a year, being so persistent she bounced back into a full throttle and boost. She wants to expand her market by building up an outlet store and a website that will reach more customers from different part of the country. A website that could be more reliable and convenient way for shopping for her new products and items. It can be easily introduce to the customers by updating and uploading photos plus with its modern graphic and interface it add attractions and interest to the customer that will eventually encouraged them to shop. The proponents wants to help Ms. Vernice Omagap to promote more, endorse more, and advertise more about this business by creating an official website, theres nothing wrong being a part of her business success by just doing her soon to be website.

Theoretical Framework
According to Eurén, Vilumsons and...
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