Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence quotient, Intelligence Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: February 14, 2013
DaoYuan Huo
Seminar 126G

In the traditional view of China, people think intelligence is a person with high IQ and could get high score at the intelligence test. However, this should be the biggest misunderstanding at all. A person who can get high grade at the test may just be good at the test, and it can never prove the person is intelligence in every field of life. Intelligence is a word to describe a person who is wise. According to my understanding, intelligence includes much more than smart. I think intelligence is a kind of ability or wisdom a person get as long as he/she grow older. Within the settling of time, people can learn more and more from life experience or other people. There are some natural born intelligence, but not all. According to Howard Gardner, “[intelligence] is an inborn attribute or faculty of the individual” (Howard, 109). Apparently, this quote give a clear explains of where intelligence came from. Gardner gave 7 different intelligences to improve his idea which I could not agree with him at all. Based on my own experience and growing environment, I should say intelligence is a kind of ability to learn, and we can become intelligence if we worked hard on those specific fields. When I was I young boy, I couldn’t speak clearly. It was an natural thing and the doctor from the hospital said that I will become mute within as time goes on. My mother was really sad about it and kept crying everyday about this. However, my father never gave up on me. He started training me after the doctor told the bad news when I was only 3 years old. At the beginning, it was really hard. I could not say even a single word as normal kids. My father forced me to bite a leaf over my tongue, and keep saying simple word like “a”, “yi” etc. I was wearing an earphone on my ear every day and could not take it off without my father’s permission. After about 3 years, at the...
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