Integematory System

Topics: Skin, Epithelium, Dermis Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Integumentary system Skin and its dervaties form the integumentary system.the upper surface or upper layer of skin is cover by layer of epidermis which have further 5 layers named as the lower or dense layer is stratum basale(germinativum) and the next upper layer is stratum spinosum the third upper layer is stratum granulusum and the fourth upper laer is stratum lucidum and the uppr last layer of the epidermis is stratum cornum layer which cover the whole body upper surface.the epidermis layer of the skin is nonvascular layer there is no blood vessels presents. Below the epidermis layer is the next layer or second layer of skin which is called dense layer.Dense layer of skin consist of mainly two types of layers one is pappillary layer and the other is recticular layer . The pappillary layer is just below the stratum layer of the epidermis layer . And the recticular layer is below the pappillary layer of the dense layer this layer of skin or the dense contains a lot of connective tissue and others organlles or cell strucuter. The sweet glands are also present in this layer and sebceous gland is also present .The sweat glands divided into 3 parts as secretory part from where the secretroy products is produce and next is the body or dense tube of sweat gland which transfer secreatory products towords the upper parts or epidermis of the skin for excretion.The sweat glands consist of tow kind of cells one is accrine and othe is apocrine sweat gland . Accrine is mainly presnt in sole and palm skin or thick skin. These have tow types cell clear cell and dark cell the ckear cell produce mucuse and the dark cell produce waterly secretion.The apoaccrine cell is presnt in deep dermis axilla , anus and areolar regions of breast .These glandes are cover by myloepidermis cell which when contract realseing secretory products.These activated in puberity when sex...
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