Topics: Week-day names, Ethics, Soft skills Pages: 4 (682 words) Published: July 16, 2013
Core Abilities
Historically, in many career and education programs, the focus has been on topics specific to the occupational area. Today’s fast-paced global marketplace is demanding more, and “soft skills” are emerging in importance. In today’s global workforce, soft skills are more directly related to professional success than ever before. The faculty has identified seven related topics of soft skills, or “core abilities” that are crucial to success both during school and after graduation. Core abilities are skills and competencies that will enable students to be successful in the workforce. These essential skills are taught across programs and departments so that each student can expect to work towards improving and applying these critical soft skills and core abilities regardless of their program of choice. 1. Communicate Professionally

* Demonstrate communication standards specific to occupational area * Write professionally
* Speak professionally
* Interpret professional documents
* Demonstrate critical listening skills
* Communicate using professional non-verbal behavior
2. Use Appropriate Technology
* Select equipment, tools, and resources to produce desired results * Demonstrate proper and safe usage of equipment
* Demonstrate occupational specific computer skills
* Adapt to new technology
* Use security measures to protect confidentiality
3. Work Effectively in Teams
* Participate in identifying team goals
* Respect the contributions and perspectives of all members * Work with others
* Complete assigned tasks
* Motivate team members
* Resolve conflicts
* Assess team outcomes
4. Demonstrate Professional Work Behavior
* Follow policies and procedures
* Meet attendance expectations
* Manage time effectively
* Dress appropriately
* Accept constructive feedback
* Take initiative
* Work productively
* Be accountable
* Demonstrate...
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