Informative Speech Outline

Topics: Public speaking, Oratory, Rhetoric Pages: 23 (2182 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Subject:English for Academic Purposes
Code:ENGF 103
Credit Hours:3

This course is designed to develop students’ public speaking skills. Students will be exposed to principles and practices of effective public speaking which are done through lectures, discussions, and class exercises. Most importantly, they will learn how to prepare and present effective speeches both individually, in pairs as well as in group.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

• understand principles and practices of public speaking. • select, prepare and develop effective speeches.
• give public speeches in groups and individually.

The Challenge Of Effective Speaking (14th Edition). Verdeber, Verdeber and Sellnow. Thomson-Wadsworth, 2008.

Students must purchase the text by the second week of class. Xeroxed text is not allowed in class.

Attendance is compulsory. If your class attendance falls below 80%, you may be barred from taking the final exam. In case of absences, medical certificates must be submitted within 48 hours.

Missed classes:
You are responsible for the homework assigned in every class; this includes the classes you have missed (with or without valid reasons).

Classroom participation:
You are expected to be actively involved in class: taking part in discussion; voicing opinions, asking/answering questions; and offering help to your peers. Do not be shy: speak up. Being on time; having your homework prepared; and handing in assignments on time, are all part of classroom participation.

Reading assignment:
You should read all assignments prior to class.

Written assignment:
Written assignments should be word-processed, and the following format should be used: Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced. Your assignments must have a cover page with your name, section number and topic stated clearly. Assignments submitted after a given deadline without valid reasons will not be accepted. Dress code:

Students are expected to observe the University dress code during classes throughout the semester. You are expected to wear your student ID throughout classes and when consulting your lecturer.

You must not adopt or reproduce ideas, words or statements of another person in your writing without stating to whom these ideas or statements belong to. A student suspected of plagiarism can be given a zero mark, and possibly fail the entire course.

Impromptu speech10%
Informative speech (15% speech, 5% outline)20% Show and Tell Poster Session (10% speech, 10% poster)20% Assignment : Group Interaction10%
Final Examination40%

__________________________________________________________________ Total100%


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