informative speech on Women for Women Intl

Topics: Hygiene, Decision making, Agriculture Pages: 3 (445 words) Published: October 30, 2014
General Purpose: to inform

Specific Purpose: to inform my audience about women for women intl

Patern: Topical

Thesis Statement: to understand what women for women intl is and how it is that they teach women around the world to earn and save money, how to develop their health and well being, and how to influence the decisions in their homes and communities.

attention and credibility.: men are superior than women? Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state at a gala dinner for Women for Women Intl. Nabintu, testimony and graduate from WfWI. reason to listen: women’s values human rights

1.earn and save money
2.develop health, and well being
3.influence decision in home and community

earn and save money, from the women for women international organization overcoming poverty by
learn basic business skills
simple math
learn vocational skills
animal husbandry
management and care of animals
cultivation of food
making clothing
rug weaving
make rugs
useful and decorative work done by hand
taught about earning power in their local markets
not being cheated when they go purchase necessities
while in the organization
receive a small cash transfer
purchase medicine, food, clothing, transportation, pay tuition fees for students begin to save
increasing income from about $.40 when enrolled
to about $2.00 after completion (12 months)
establish cooperatives/ small business
they receive support after graduation

Transition: earning and saving money/developing health and the well being

developing health and well being according to the regional business news and Women for Women International managing their own health
practice family planning
taught about stress management
good hygiene for their families
simply washing hands
washing the dishes thoroughly
bathe regularly
disease prevention...
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