Information Technology Practical Assessment Task for Grade 10

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Information Technology

Practical Assessment Task

Grade 10

What is the PAT?3
Mark Allocation3
Phase 1 – analysis 5
phase 2 – Design 5
phase 3 – coding and testing 5
PAT Requirements6
What you will need to complete the PAT8
Glossary – Terms and Examples8
Instructions for Phase 19
Instructions for Phase 212
Clarify/Refine User Stories (Requirements)12
Design the Graphical User Interface (GUI)/Scenes14
Devise Tests16
Instructions for Phase 317
Assessment Tool19
Grade 10 PAT 2015 Assessment Tool19
Annexure A – Anatomy of Report28
Grade 10 PAT 2015 Annexure A28
Headings 28
Sub-headings 28
Annexure B – Phase 1 template29
Grade 10 PAT 2015 Annexure B29
Annexure C – Phase 2 Template30
Grade 10 PAT 2015 Annexure C30
Annexure D – Learner declaration (Phase)31
Grade 10 PAT 2015 Annexure D31
Phase _____31
Annexure E – Declaration of authenticity32
Grade 10 PAT 2015 Annexure E32
Annexure F – Glossary of Terms33
Grade 10 PAT 2015 Annexure F33
Annexure G – Example34
Grade 10 PAT 2015 Annexure G34
Guidance Notes for Teachers35
Teacher Guidance PAT Grade 10 201535
What are the learners required to do and provide?35
How will learners go about it?35
Skills required35
What must the learners be taught beforehand?36
Learner authentication of the PAT36
Role of the teacher37
Supervised/Controlled conditions37
Managing the PAT38
Assessment Evidence38

What is the PAT?
The PAT is a software development project in which you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your programming skills and understanding of the relationship between the different areas of solution development. You will also be required to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the software development life cycle through analysis, design, coding and testing of your project. You will have to show effective use of the software design tools and techniques which you have studied. You need to provide the following outputs:

A report where you (Phase 1)
discuss the research/investigation done regarding the project provide a brief descritption of the purpose and scope of your project provide analysis of a possible solution
a document outliing the system design (Phase 2)
a working Scratch program, fully documented, that implements the planned solution (Phase 3) Note:
You will also be required to demonstrate and discuss your program during a debriefing session. Mark Allocation
Development Phase
Max Mark
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Coding and Testing
Complexity Level
Final product and impression
The PAT counts 25% of your final mark for IT, therefore it is crucial that you strive to produce work of a high standard. The PAT is a compulsory component of the final end-of-year examination for IT. You need to complete your PAT before you start the Grade 10 end-of-year examination. Not submitting your PAT or any part of the PAT, will mean that you will be awarded a zero (“0”) for the PAT component of the examination or the parts not submitted.

Educational Software
Educational software are programs that are designed to help people to learn about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand a concept, or assist them in learning specific subject content or a skill as they use the program. Considering the requirements specified in this document (see PAT Requirements, p6), choose any school subject and develop a Delphi/Java educational software program to support teaching and learning in South African schools. Ideas for educational software:

An educational game
Drilling mathematical concepts such as addition,...
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