Information Technology and Management Information Systems

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Executive Summary
In this report comprehensive analysis of the information systems used in business by Enkay Enterprises has performed. Enkay Enterprises are well-known suppliers of vegetable and fruits from small restaurants to five star hotels and canteens of huge organizations. Firstly information system requirement are analyzed for each of the decision making levels and then suitability of the information system is determined and discussed with help of companies daily work process and information system used by Enkay. Also the security steps of the information systems employed by the company are examined and also suitability of Cloud Computing to Enkay Enterpises is introduced. After examination of the report it is recommended that the revising the information system is necessary to accomplish the desired targets of the company. The information system used is very simple and there is no integration with every level of decision making. Also it is noticed proper steps are not employed for appropriate security for the sensitive data of the company. Supply chain is very competitive industry and it is policy of the company not to reveal information related to its practices which may harm the business. As a result, the information and facts provided in the report may possibly be partial considering that some of the data is not shared.

Information system in an enterprise delivers process and information beneficial and useful to its people and clients. The information system of an company will be essential to support it analyze and evaluate the business, along with its environment, and come up with and check that it accomplishes its goal (Avison, 2006). The traditional business world is changing as improvements and innovations constant flow of information technology (Lauden, 2010). It may sound very uncommon now to perform, work and carry out our daily work without using Information System. In this report we will analyze the present Information System used by Enkay Enterprises and then critically evaluate its suitability and recommend latest technology which can helpful for them to improve the quality and productivity of work.

TASK A - The Information System Requirements for Enkay Enterprises at Each of the Decision Making Levels

Since it became technological managing enterprise businesses has always been a concern for Businessman. Today both the academics and enterprise worlds accept that there is a need to adopt a more alternative view of these various operations in order to take into account how they interrelate and have interaction with one another (Rushton, 2010:4).

Companies preferred to sense and respond to rapidly transforming customer demand, lessen inventories to the most affordable feasible levels, and attain higher levels of functional productivity. Supply chains have become more fast-paced, with companies of all sizes based upon on just-in-time inventory to lessen their overhead expenditures and get to market place faster (Laudon, 2012:38). Listed below is decision making levels in an organization and recommended information systems at each of them to support the major business functions for Enkay Enterprises:

Strategic Level: Strategies are developed by means of realistic and analytic processes, directed generally by management administrators. Strategy planning is one of the crucial issues for the long term objectives of organization. All entrepreneurs and top level administrators should be able to evaluate their businesses method with a 'strategy statement', to get a the essential desired goals that business seeks, which generally draw on the companies stated mission, vision and objectives; the scope of the company’s activities; and the specific functionality it has to provide all of these (Johnson, 2011:7).

To obtain desired goals information systems have a set of...
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