COIS20024 Assignment 1

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Assignment 1
COIS20024 – System Management Overview
Term 1, 2014

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Tutor: Kenneth Howah
Due Date: 21 March 2014
Date Submitted: 20 March 2014

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Annotated Bibliography

Zhu, Y 2009, 'Exploratory Study on Value of Information Systems to Electrical Construction Companies: Resource-Based View', Journal Of Management In Engineering, 25, 2, pp. 5058, Business Source Complete, viewed 17 March 2014.

In this article, Yimin Zhu (2009) clarified the value of information system to generate better business for small and medium size company and lead to improvement for competitive advantage. The author use five studies case from five anonymous companies to prove that most small company is very competent with the physical information, however lacking of the capabilities of strategically integrating information system with the business and the competitive partners which explain the reason why the company couldn’t raise into the competitive market which could lead to the success market of the business. The aim of this research is to define the information system capabilities, competitive preference, and their connection. The limitation of this article is that it wasn’t cover to long term competitive preference of validation hypotheses and business determination. However, this article will benefit to my research as it’s relevant to answer my case study question number 1.


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Annotated Bibliography

Gohmann, S, Guan, J, Barker, R, & Faulds, D 2013, 'Requirements Fulfillment: A Missing Link between Requirements Determination and User Acceptance', Information Systems Management, 30, 1, pp. 63-74, Business Source Complete, viewed 19 March 2014.

In this article, Gohmann et al. (2013) review the important of information requirements which needed to be fulfilled in order to the success of information system. The authors use the data of IRD to identify the requirement to match with type of users. Their research is focused on requirement bias such as resource constraints, information asymmetry and user group influence. This article is useful to answer my case study question number 4 as Gohmann et al. (2013) point out that to fulfill information requirement could lead to greater business success. The limitation of this article is that it didn’t cover all aged related data. However, the author concluded that in order to meet the information system success, there will be needed to develop and test on the variables effecting requirements. This article will be useful information to explain the definition of information requirement to adapt to FIN‘s business.


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Annotated Bibliography

RENKO, N, SUSTIC, I, & BUTIGAN, R 2011, 'DESIGNING MARKETING STRATEGY USING THE FIVE COMPETITIVE FORCES MODEL BY MICHAEL E. PORTER -CASE OF SMALL BAKERY IN CROATIA', International Journal Of Management Cases, 13, 3, pp. 376-385, Business Source Complete, viewed 19 March 2014.

In this article, Renko et al (2011) review the how to success of small bakery shop by using the strategy of Michael Porter’s five competitive forces model. The main idea expresses are to create the competitive by using the compatible strategy. The author aims to explore the root of competitive advantage and analyze the solution of marketing success. The main limitation of this article is that the study was based on current period of market but as market condition changes, the direction of competitive forces changes as well. This article is useful for my case study question number 3 because it demonstrate the success of small company by following strategic analysis of five competitive forces model.


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Annotated Bibliography

Drnevich, P, & Croson, D 2013, 'INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESSLEVEL STRATEGY: TOWARD AN INTEGRATED THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE', TMIS Quarterly, 37, 2, pp. 483-509, Business Source Complete, viewed 19 March 2014.

This article, Drnevic, P, and...

Bibliography: In this article, Langley et al (2013) examines the method of change in organization. The
authors studied on the determinant of issue, occur, increase, or eliminate over the period of
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