Technology and Evolution

Topics: Information systems, Internet, Executive information system Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: September 22, 2014
How evolutions of Information systems from the 1980s differ from Information systems today? Information Systems have expanded drastically over the years from Management Information System (MIS) to ecommerce. From1980’s to 1990’s the role of Information systems in the business environment is “strategic and end user support”. In this phase “end user computing” phenomenon appeared as a factor of the rapid development of computer processing power, telecommunication networks and application software packages. Then the managers required a special new system called “Strategic and Executive Information Systems” to provide the strategic information to the top level executives when they want it. From 1990s to 2000s, the role of Information systems in the business environment is “Global Internetworking”. The rapid growth of Internet dramatically changed the capabilities of business. In today’s competitive business environment "electronic business (E-business) and commerce” are becoming commonplace in the operations and management The Information systems from 1980s used to take strategic decision making where as in today it is an online analytical decision making. What networking and communications changes were introduced in the past decade (2000s?) The Communication patterns are changing from point-point to collaborative and group communication. Internet-enabled communication services like social networking websites, voice application (VoIP), video applications (Skype), user-generated video file sharing(YouTube),multi-player online games, web based communication (blogs and wiki) and the convergence of Mobile communications with Internet has become the primary communication media rather than traditional telecommunication. Driven by high broadband penetration, availability of readily available and matured social software and affordable internet-enabled multimedia devices and services are driving people to use social media as their primary communication media....

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