Technology and Progress

Topics: Invention, Agriculture, Irrigation Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: February 17, 2014
During ancient times, human beings were just beginning to unveil the wonders of our world: developing language and other forms of communication, discovering fire and ice along with other elements of nature, domesticating animals, hunting and gathering, growing crops and creating order in society. From this sudden spark of curiosity arose practices such as agriculture, blacksmithing, fishing, and with these skills provided by the people, grew a government as well, to control them and create order. Specialization in many areas of work created further advances until they reached today’s industries including doctors, lawyers, graphic designers, etc. Through these new practices we not only improved ourselves as working individuals but as inventors as well, applying our skills on massive projects never before imagined. From the development of an irrigation system to the designing of the wheel and furthermore the airplane, train, and many other forms of transport, our society has grown greatly in past centuries however today development has been enclosed in a different definition. Development today is just another word for improvement and serves as an excuse for creating. The problem with today’s civilization is the fact that we do not grow our own concepts but basically steal other’s, develop a nice outer design and sell it as a new idea. In order to advance, there must be an incentive, but past technologies have returned to haunt us and taken away then encouragement we once had. Our perception of advanced has changed throughout the years but has reached a stalemate right now, as in Apple’s case for example, where, since the iPad, retina display has become a new staple for “innovative” when it just means “re-invention”. Invention must return to its old ways when creations were new, mind-blowing, and not only affected our daily lives as current gadgets do, but the entire world and its future generations. Creators must stop placing business as its top priority but thrive...
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