Information System Business Problem Dimensions by John Smith

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Information System Business Problem Dimensions

CheckPoint: Information System Business Problem Dimensions

John Smith

There are three dimensions to business problems and they are people, organizations, and technology. I will provide examples for all three.

The people dimension: A business needs good people who are skilled and let’s say the network is down. The company hired a network systems administrator who is well versed and skilled on the network. The administrator would diagnose and correct the problem. Having highly skilled people will save time and capitol and make the company run more smoothly.

The organization dimension: Organizations have structure with different levels and skills. They are setup as a hierarchy or pyramid structure consisting of managerial, technical, and professionals. In this example of the organization dimension we find a person with a problem in networking who is in management. The person would call in technical support to correct the problem. The technical aspect of the company would employ someone with the skills and knowledge to fix the problem. They would send over a network specialist.

The technology dimension: Computer hardware, software, data management, and network telecommunications are some of the aspects of the technology dimension. In this example we find a manager who needs data on last quarter’s earnings for the entire organization so they can make a report. The company has put in data management and all the relevant information is there. The manager would get on their computer terminal and look up the data.

The difference between information technology and information systems are as follows. An information system is for problem solving, solution design, and solution evaluation while information technology builds an infrastructure to build specific information systems within the organization.

One function of information systems is technology that enhances production...
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