Influence in Politeness

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Influence in politeness
Politeness id considered a desirable characteristic in most cultures. However, cultures are different in how they define the politeness. Example: the English speakers showing consideration for others and presenting the confidence and polish as their politeness; on the other hand, the Japanese showing respect and presenting their selves with modesty as their politeness. •Cultures differ in the rules for expressing politeness or impoliteness and also in the punishments for the violation of the accepted rules. Example: in the Asian cultures, people who emphasize more politeness are often singled out when interview for a job; on the other hand, they will also receive harsher punishment for violation than the western cultures. •Politeness is recognized as an important part of interpersonal interactions in the business world. The rudeness in the workplace, it is been argued, reduces the performance effectiveness, hurts creativity, and leads to increase the worker turnover. Example: because of her boss’ bad temper, my sister did not want to stay any longer in her previous company and search for a new job.

-Personality and professional training
Your personality and personal training will also influence your degree of politeness and the way you express the politeness besides cultures. Example: my degree of politeness is different when I interact with my classmates and interact with the lecturers. This condition depends on my personality in how I think of them. Another example: when I do the presentation, I speaks in formal language to show my respect to the audiences, and it will be different if I just attend the generally class.

Politeness in Inclusion and Exclusion
oInclusive messages include all people present and acknowledge the relevance of others and normally considered polite. Example: using English language in this university. When we discuss our homework, we will use English language to adjust to...
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