Meal and Good Manners

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Topic 3. A world guide to good manners. How not to behave badly abroad.

1. Study the vocabulary how to make generalizations. Write 15 sentences of your own with these phrases and underline the phrases you have used.

It is (not) important to do smth
It is (not) usual to do smth
It is (not) acceptable to do smth
It is (not) acceptable for smb to
It is a rule to do smth
It is (not) okay
It is (not) respectful
It is rude / polite
It is (perfectly) normal
It is quite common
To be avoided
Smb tend to
Smb tend to
Smb tend not to
To have a tendency to
Generally speaking
In most cases
In some cases
In a large number of cases
Mostly, often, sometimes
"I've often found that…"
To prefer
Smb should do smth
Smb shouldn't do smth
Smb might have
To consider
You must never
You can’t
You have to
They normally do
To be different from

2. Are these statements true (/) or false (X) for people in your country?

1. When we meet someone for the first time, we shake hands. 2. Friends kiss on both cheeks when they meet or when they say goodbye. 3. We often invite people to our home for a meal.
4. If you have arranged to do something with friends, it's OK to be a little late. 5. You shouldn't yawn in public.
6. We call most people by their first names.

2.Read the text A World Guide to Good Manners. These lines have been taken out of the text. Where do they go?

a) many people prefer not to discuss business while eating b) some businesses close in the early afternoon for a couple of hours c) for greeting, eating, or drinking d the deeper you should bow d) should wear long-sleeved blouses and skirts below the knee

Travelling to all corners of the world gets easier and easier. We live in a global village, but this doesn't mean that we all behave in the same way.

How should you behave when you meet someone for the first time? An American or Canadian shakes your hand firmly while looking you straight in the eyes. In many parts of Asia, there is no physical contact at all. In Japan, you should bow, and the more respect you want to show, (1)__________. In Thailand, the greeting is made by pressing both hands together at the chest, as if you are praying, and bowing your head slightly. In both countries, eye contact is avoided as a sign of respect.

Many countries have rules about what you should and shouldn't wear. In Asian and Muslim countries, you shouldn't reveal the body, especially women, who (2) ________. In Japan, you should take off your shoes when entering a house or a restaurant. Remember to place them neatly together facing the door you came in. This is also true in China, Korea, Thailand, and Iran.

Food and drink
In Italy, Spain, and Latin America, lunch is often the biggest meal of the day, and can last two or three hours. For this reason many people eat a light breakfast and a late dinner. In Britain, you might have a business lunch and do business as you eat. In Mexico and Japan, (3) ______________. Lunch is a time to relax and socialize, and the Japanese rarely drink alcohol at lunchtime, In Britain and the United States, it's not unusual to have a business meeting over breakfast, and in China it's common to have business banquets, but you shouldn't discuss business during the meal.

• Doing business
In most countries, an exchange of business cards is essential for all introductions. You should include your company name and your position. If you are going to a country where your language is not widely spoken, you can get the reverse side of your card printed in the local language. In Japan, you must present your card with both hands, with the writing facing the person you are giving it to. In many countries, business hours are from 9.00 or 10,00 to 5.00 or 6.00. However in some countries,...
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